31 Days of FMFW

If I succeed in 31 days of writing in October, it will be more posting than I’ve done the whole year! This is not a really strict challenge. It is mostly to get writers writing for at least five minutes a day. I can choose a theme or not (I did). I can use the provided prompts or not (I will at least mention them), and the “Five Minute Free Writes” police won’t come looking for me if I miss a day or two!

The theme I’ve chosen is Freedom, Reflection & Photos. That’s three themes in one, I know. With my attention span, “Reflection” days could be six or seven topics! I call those posts “Margaret’s Musings.”

On Freedom days, we’ll talk about chains, choices, and losing weight (that’s a big one…look, a pun). Christians do not have to live in chains or any kind!

Table of Contents
(to be updated as entries are posted using the following prompts)

Well, I don’t know why, Lord
His Priceless Gift
Thursday’s Problematic Thoughts
Would they listen? I didn’t
Thoughts From the Other Side
Things I’ve noticed since starting this challenge
Photos…not the same format!
Let me gather my thoughts and muse a little…
That’s Simply Complicated (Join)