Monday Musings…

Random Headnoise... When you do the wrong thing because it is easier you are choosing a convenience that isn’t always convenient. The path of least resistance leads to a vast sea.  Resistance builds muscle.  If you’ve done nothing to build muscle, how will you swim the ocean? Hijacked words don’t mean what they used to…but... Continue Reading →

Trumpitis…it’s a thing

A Nevada professor recently shot himself in protest of President Trump.  Some headlines say it was a suicide attempt, but since he shot himself in the arm, that is obviously fake news.  He has a sickness that affects the way he thinks. Some call it Trump Derangement Syndrome. I call it hatred. The disease isn't... Continue Reading →


The moment I heard, I remember exactly where I was, what I was doing, where I was going; it's one of the rare times a memory can still reduce me to tears. It was the day the date “9/11” became more than just a day, it became a reference point, a word synonymous with the... Continue Reading →

Throwing a Day Away

The last 30 years feel like only 10, and time continues uncompromisingly marching on, reminding me to be diligent to say the things in my heart, to spend more time with those I love, to live my life carefully and deliberately, with purpose.   Life is indeed short, and it is precious; a day of it... Continue Reading →

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