Would They listen? I Didn’t.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens, Huntsville, AL

If I could get our youth to listen, I would tell them,If you believe you are anything less than what God created you to be because of the way you look, your size, your grades, or your history (no matter what it is), then you are believing LIES straight from the pits of hell.  Any thoughts you have regarding yourself that make you believe you are different, and therefore less worthy, are not true, no matter what you have done or what has happened to you.

I would tell them that drugs and alcohol will only exacerbate those feelings and inhibit their decision-making abilities, and that decisions made under the influence are life-altering. 

I would tell them that the drug to not start with is nicotine.
Trying cigarettes is usually a symptom that they are searching
for something they can’t find, can’t name, and are desperately seeking a place to fit in.
I know this from experience.

I would remind them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made; that God had a plan for them before time, and no matter what mistakes they may have already made, God still has a plan.   I would tell them about freedom, and how they don’t have to live their lives under the bondage of lies making them believe that they need drugs or alcohol or food to dull the pain, and that sex does not equal love.  I would tell them that Jesus does, indeed, love them just as they are, and He really does make a difference. 

Some wouldn’t listen…
they tried telling me, I still chose my own way.
Perhaps some would hear, though.

A beautiful lily found in Killen, Alabama
Tulip petals after the rain (University of North Alabama)

7 thoughts on “Would They listen? I Didn’t.

  1. Excellent post with the emphasis on God’s creative intent, His love for all of us & what the love of Jesus can do. We all know, deep down, the truth that we are not worth (Which is why we’re such easy prey for satan since we don’t realize that NO ONE is worthy: It’s not just us.) and that’s why Jesus had to come to redeem us. Believing that He came for me, just a I am…well… that makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

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  2. I think you summed it up really well in your title, we didn’t listen so its hard to get the generations under us to listen. I think that’s why it is good to have really deep roots in you as a child/teen in the word of God and what you mean to Him. I think that might help a bit to get through those turbulent young ages.


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    1. My parents made me go to church every time the doors were opened…including six weeks of revival one summer. I still don’t know if that’s the best thing, but there definitely needs to be consistency where children know this is church day. But back to listening…some kids, like me, just have hard heads. lol


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