Well, that’s simply complicated…

I’m not much of a joiner. I’m okay doing my own thing. When I was growing up, Daddy used to call me “The do your own thing Kid.” That was his nicer way of calling me rebellious, I think.

I don’t mind being alone. With my imagination, I can entertain myself quite nicely. But lately I have come to realize that that if I want the changes in my life that I desire…then I absolutely must join with the grace of God. Everything about change starts with a choice. Even in those times when life-altering things happen beyond our control, we have a choice about how we react…and how we continue to act after the initial reaction.

In everything, good or bad, we can look to God or try it alone. His mercy is fresh every day, and His grace is always available, but it’s up to us to join forces with that grace, inviting it in, giving it the power to lead us in the choices we make. It’s just that complicatedly simple.

Birds from the Nashville Zoo
The hyacinth macaw is my favorite!

2 thoughts on “Well, that’s simply complicated…

  1. I too am a loner, but I do like your thought of joining with the grace of God! Something I want to make sure I’m being a joiner for. Great pictures of the birds!



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