Let me gather my thoughts and muse a little…

Cades Cove Foggy Daybreak, Great Smoky Mountains

When I hear people happily boast, “I ran 2 miles and burned 175 calories!” I can’t get too excited for them.  I gather they don’t realize two miles is a long distance to burn off a banana and three almonds.  

If someone is offensive and rude until you get a little miffed…and they say, “You’re just letting the devil get to you!” I gather they are probably more correct than they realize.

When you are sitting at a red light, on a motorcycle, no less, and you pick your nose, and then your teeth with the same finger, I gather you don’t realize someone just may be subjected to seeing that in their rearview mirror.

If you go to the restroom and don’t wash your hands, people notice. And remember. And mention it to others.  I can’t even gather my thoughts on this one.

If an eleven-year-old goes to the dentist for the very first time, and he casually mentions to her mother that some teeth will have to be pulled, when he wheels in a monstrous, scary looking machine and doesn’t explain that he is only taking X-rays and not pulling teeth, there just may be a meltdown in his dental chair.  I obviously thought..I mean… that poor child just may have gathered the dentist intended to rip her teeth out with that big machine, that’s why I was…I mean SHE was wailing, “But my teeth aren’t even loose!” 

Great Smoky Mountain Fog

2 thoughts on “Let me gather my thoughts and muse a little…

  1. Your writing painted pictures just a vivid as those you posted of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park. Love it and your pictures! We enjoyed many summer vacations at the same park when my children were still children. Thanks for making remember those wonderful days!


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