Scared Sinless

We are probably more apt to be scared into sinning rather than being scared sinless.

Did you ever wonder if being scared is a sin?   I don’t mean the action you take because you were afraid, I mean the fear itself.  Depending on the version you use, some variation of “Do not fear” is written somewhere between over 100 times to over 300 times.   I read once that it is written 345 times, one for each day of the year…admittedly I have not counted the instances, but I cannot find definitive proof of that.

Is being scared an open invitation for the enemy to wreak havoc in our lives? There have been times I’ve made good decisions because I was afraid…and times I was too dumb to know to be afraid, and God took care of me. Don’t ignore warning signs, and don’t ignore your “gut.”

Fear lies.  Fear silences.  Fear sins. It paralyzes, it can be a stumbling block. It can also make us take a second look and perhaps make better choices. Which leads me to the questions: What exactly does the Bible mean by “fear?” And how do we not be scared when, in reality, we are?

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3 thoughts on “Scared Sinless

  1. I think there are several definitions for the word “fear” in the Bible. We are to fear God for which to me that means not be afraid of him but to hold him in the highest reverence, respect, adoration. And then there is of course “fear” as in being afraid, worried, etc. He certainly does not want us to be afraid as he does command us not to. It is a very common repeated phrase not to fear as in afraid or worry so I think he wants us to get that message about not being afraid, etc. That’s my thoughts for what they are worth.


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