My Own Words Bite Me

I’m at that place where the scales aren’t moving.  I’m stuck at 73 pounds.  I was stuck at 50 pounds a few months ago, but I knew why…I was pigging out on the weekends and behaving through the week.  Took a month off from restaurants and that took care of the hump.

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I did screw up a weekend a few weeks back.  I think most people trying to lose weight can relate to this:  I spend three weeks losing 4 pounds, binged on the weekend, and gained back the 4 pounds in two days!  Took me two weeks to lose those pounds again.  Vicious cycle.

I don’t know why our bodies will do that…hang on to every pound for dear life, and grab two pounds just by smelling the Krispy Kremes. 

My first 50 pounds were easy.  Melted right off without much struggle, and with no exercise.  For the last month, I have been walking.  I am now doing 50,000 – 70000 steps per week.  It’s not always easy, but it’s doable. 

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Here’s were my words are slapping me around.  I’ve been losing and gaining weight my entire adult life.  And now I’m 57 years old and feel as if I can advise with some tiny bit of knowledge learned from my years of experience.  So, I say about losing weight:

  • Find a way to eat that you can live with and do that.
  • Don’t engage in extreme exercise if you’ve never done it and don’t like it you won’t stick to it.   Find the way to exercise that you can live with…and do that. 
  • After the initial quick weight loss of a new diet, it’s going to be slow.  Very slow.  Very slow is better than not at all or gaining.

Slow is not an option,
but the rule.

But I find myself at the point where I’d rather eat than get on the scales after a week of walking over 10,000 steps each day, eating according to my chosen plan (Weight Watchers) and seeing a 2-ounce loss.  Two. Ounces.   I know my plan works, and I know that slow is not an option but the rule, and I am frustrated.  I still have 88 pounds to lose.  And I cannot use my upcoming vacation, Thanksgiving, and Christmas as reasons to quit or gain.  And if I do gain, I must not quit.

To show my hypocritical thinking…I’m going on vacation next week.  I do not plan to count points.  Why commit to something I probably won’t do because it will be such a hassle?  The best I can promise myself is to make wiser decisions.  It will be a test, no doubt.  

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One thought on “My Own Words Bite Me

  1. I commend you on the weight loss you have had!! And the exercise you are getting in!! Its a marathon for sure with losing weight; not a sprint which I think you know and understand. Sometimes it’s one step forward and two back, etc. But it seems like the effort is there and you are seeing good results. It can be frustrating when that scale won’t move, especially if you are doing everything you can to try to stay on plan. Enjoy your vacation and keep things in moderation when you want to. You’ll be fine on getting back on track after your return!

    Hubby went to the doctor the end of August for a checkup and found he had SUPER high blood pressure. Doctor recommended weight loss and a low sodium diet. Hubby really ate too much sodium beforehand. Lots of Campbell soups for lunch with chips and we did eat frozen TV dinners that were high in sodium. Anyway, he became this ninja warrior with cutting practically all sodium out of his diet which meant I cut out a lot of sodium too lol. I made him meal plan what we were eating for dinner, the only meal we share together, because I wanted to make sure it was something he would eat. Anyway, long story short he has lost 20 pounds so far (why do men lose it so more quickly than women?) and I’ve lost 12 pounds. Just healthy no salt or low salt meals. Though I have to say eating has become boring as we gave up going out to eat the couple times a week that we would and gave up wine which I do enjoy. Most days I’m not even hungry and I’m probably eating about 1200 calories a day. I am liking the weight loss though. His blood pressure came down significantly, in the low to normal range, so the efforts are paying off.

    Nice to see a post from you! I’m still off Facebook and still not blogging and its been about a month since I gave them up. Down side is I have no idea what is going on with family and friends 🙂

    Happy vacation!!!


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