A Very Monday Tuesday

Sea Oats (Fort Walton Beach, Florida)

Today begins a month-long commitment of no restaurant food.  (Lord Jesus, please help!)   I’d also like to commit to a beginner’s walking routine (notice my loop holes “I’d like to” and “beginner’s”).  Obviously, I am not as resolute to walking as I am to staying out of restaurants. 

Why no restaurants?   I’m glad you were wondering because I wanted to talk about it!  Aside from the whole “it’s not all that healthy for me,” there’s the truth:  I tend to reward myself for acting like a normal human with a normal appetite through the week by eating out on the weekend.  No matter how well-intentioned my plans are, I make the choice to overeat every weekend.   Maybe not in the first restaurant, but certainly by the second or third one. 

Oh.  I didn’t mention that I like to eat out a lot?   That is one of the reasons I say, “Lord Jesus, help!”  After all the bad choices in the restaurants, I then do something really senseless, I think, “Well, as long as I’ve already overeaten, I may as well have some…”  And everything that follows that line of thinking truly is always a choice.

Let me back up.   After a tumble in a mountainside creek (and issues getting up) last October, I started Weight Watchers.  By February, I’d lost 50 pounds.  Then unexpectedly, my mom died and I got on a 10 pound roller coaster losing and regaining the same 5-10 pounds…repeatedly.  While my precious mother’s death is the best excuse I’ve ever had to overeat, it is ultimately still just an excuse for my choices.

Let me back up even further.   Over the years, I begged God for freedom not realizing that as a child of God, I always had that freedom.  But I also had a free will.  Then there’s that whole reaping and sowing thing, and it all makes a full circle back to choices.   Yes, indeedy-doody.  Choices.  Reaping and sowing.   If I choose to eat an abundance of sugar-laden food, then I’m going to face some pretty intense cravings that nothing will satisfy.   If I choose the food, I chose the cravings.  If I keep eating, you guessed it…that is still a choice.   Hard as it may be to not give into it, that blood bought choice is undeniably mine. 

Did you know that as long as you believe you are a slave to sin (gluttony, that is) you just cannot walk in the freedom purchased by blood on a gruesome cross so many years ago?  Until you (by you, I mean me) take full responsibility for your (my) choices, we remain on that not so merry merry-go-round.   You know what happens when you go round and round too many times?   You get a little sick, don’t you?   

So, there we have it, it’s those ding dang choices!  I don’t always like responsibility, and making better choices for myself is definitely my responsibility.  I favor the path of least resistance, but I made the choice for the month of June to remove a weekend obstacle and get past this 50 pound marker where I have been stalled since February 7.    

That is all.  Carry on with your own healthy choices!

2 thoughts on “A Very Monday Tuesday

  1. You can do this! And just think how much money you will save!! Every January (well for the past 2 Januarys lol) I give up alcohol/wine for the month. It is a good re-set for any holiday weight I may have gained and it really is easy to do, so the same for eating out. You’ll do great with it!

    You are right about being a slave to sin and we do have the choice of remaining a slave or being a son/daughter of the King.

    Report your progress at the end of the month! I bet you’ll be over that 50 pound mark by then!



  2. Thanks, Betty! This is Day 20. No restaurants, and only one splurge day (yesterday) when we went to the Amish community. I don’t think getting a fried pie could be considered restaurant food! (Well, fried pieS, and some peanut brittle, too.)


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