What to do with a Christian Voice?

Using our Christian voices can be daunting in a country that is so divided. Biblical truth is becoming more and more offensive, even to some people professing to know Christ. Too many Christians have not read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and in an age like today where deception is rampant, it is imperative that we know what the Word says. The devil sure knows.

I have been battling with myself about how to use my voice…or if to use my voice, specifically when it pertains to politics. We are already pummeled with opinions, commentaries, and lie after lie on television and social media. The loudest voices seem to be the most deceived ones. Truth whispers from the sea of deception until we can barely hear it.

So I ask myself, should Christians address some of today’s tough controversial issues from a Biblically sound perspective? If we don’t, are we burying our heads in the sand? Do we need one more political voice in the upcoming election year, and if so, how should that voice be used? I haven’t been able to answer the questions. What do you think?

Lillies (irises, too) found in Killen, Alabama

3 thoughts on “What to do with a Christian Voice?

  1. Wow! That’s a tough one, especially if we let emotions get in the way. 1 Peter 3:15 tells us to respond to opposition with gentleness and respect. I guess I’ll start there.


  2. I think we need to use our voice but we need to make sure we are using it correctly. If we are going to quote scripture about something then we better make sure we are quoting correctly and not using our own interpretation of something to please our own means. I think we also have to be aware that not everyone will share the same opinions we do and a lot of people won’t acknowledge or believe that the Bible is the word of God and is to be believed, studied, read, etc.



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