Deep Subject: It’s easy to lose weight…

Losing weight is easy…it’s a side effect. Breaking those bad habits that got us overweight is the killer. Change your focus. As long as you are basing your success by a number on the scale, you won’t have true change. Focus on the ‘why,’ and that would be your habits.

Education is imperative when learning which bad habits to change. When it comes to weight loss, the biggest liar is sugar. It makes you think you are addicted because the effects of sugar highs and crashes. I makes you obsess over food, it makes you think you are ravenously hungry when you are merely experiencing the dreaded sugar crash. Sugar is hard to say no to when you you have an overload of it already in your system.

Sugar can alter your mood, cause depression, joint pain and inflammation, it ages your skin faster, and too much sugar can affect your liver and heart. And cause diabetes. Educate yourself! You really do have a choice!

Dove in my back yardone of my favorite backyard bird photos.
Lorikeet (Nashville Zoo) You can feed these beautiful birds at the zoo, but they will bite you if you aren’t careful (and maybe even if you are.)
Pigeon in Huntsville Alabama at Big Spring Park

3 thoughts on “Deep Subject: It’s easy to lose weight…

  1. I am not a pigeon fan, LOL. But I do like your dove picture! I’m having a lot of joint pain. Maybe I need to give up sugar. I don’t eat a lot of it, but I do like a glass of wine most nights. I should give it a week or so without it and see if I am less achy.



    1. I think you’ll need to give it about 4 weeks…that’s what it took for me and it really made a difference!! I’m not sure about the sugar in wine, and it’s not like I never had any sugar. So maybe a glass once or twice a week for a month or so to see how things go. Moving helps (walking).


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