Don’t open that wormy can…

We can sure find out a lot about others perusing social media. As I scroll through Facebook, I find myself saying, “I don’t believe I would have told that!” way too often. Smart people who have momentary lapses of good judgement and post things they shouldn’t find that once it’s out there, it’s there, even after you delete it. You don’t know who may have taken screenshots…and that can of worms is open!

There are times I am tempted to be more “open,” especially when I’m mad. It’s not that I want to post publicly who or what has made me angry, but I want to send a private message or two telling the person who is wreaking havoc in my family what people really think of them. By “people” I mean me. The evil some people hide so well is scary, and to be totally open with you, forgiveness doesn’t always come easy.

University of North Alabama tulips

3 thoughts on “Don’t open that wormy can…

  1. So pretty with the flowers! People really don’t think before they post things on social media. And I know some employers are checking out social media sites before hiring people to see what they post on that. It particularly gets bad around election time. I snooze a lot of friends (not you) on Facebook if they post a lot of political things I’m not agreeing with. Its a great feature to make sure one doesn’t respond to someone’s posting and say something they might regret down the road.



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