Don’t Even Start…

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There are so many times I know I shouldn’t even start talking, but I do it anyway. Did you ever notice how quickly we follow up “I know I shouldn’t…” with the very thing we know we shouldn’t do. Or am I alone in that? It reminds me of a little verse I wrote many years ago:

There is no way
To undo what I have done
T’would have been better
To have never begun

I start a lot of projects in my head. I don’t always follow through, which may be a good thing considering how often my projects were so much better in my head! Cooking is a prime example for me. I truly should not even start!

I’ve started hundreds of great blog posts (again in my head) but when I sit down to type them out, I realize they really weren’t that great at all. Funny how in the middle of the night you have answers to all the world’s problems…and your co-worker’s, cousin’s, and next door neighbor’s issues, as well. In the cold dawning of the day you realize you were more tired than you care to admit when you thought that idea was a workable solution. Again, that could just be me.

I’ve started studying the book of Romans. I just finished reading it on Wednesday. I’ve read it several times before, this is the first time I’m really taking the time to study, particularly chapters 6,7 and 8. I want to learn all about our sin nature and freedom because I am writing a book about freedom, and I want it to be purely from Truth. As Christians, we should not be living in chains…yet too many of us do.

I talk to God a lot. I have started to realize that I’ve been praying from standpoints of fear (Oh, Lord, please don’t let “that” happen), selfishness (praying for things that really aren’t that important but are convenient, mostly to me) and pride (I’m ashamed to say that pride does enter my prayer life, and I may write about that later, but for now, I’m just thankful God has pointed it out to me). Praying is conversation out of a true relationship instead of a formula or addressing only immediate needs every now and then. It’s not a recitation, though praying the scripture over yourself and your family is a wonderful thing to do. Most of all, it’s not just what I say; it also has a lot to do with way I’ve lived my life before I start my prayer and end my requests with “in the name of Jesus I pray…”

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UNA Tulips

4 thoughts on “Don’t Even Start…

  1. I think I pray the same prayers, about fear, about pride, etc. Its probably our human nature. I’m glad you mentioned it here. I’m going to do some re-thinking on how I pray and what I pray for. We all seem to write brilliant posts in the middle of the night. Maybe that’s when we are most vulnerable, who knows? You might enjoy Anne Graham Lotz’ new book on the Holy Spirit. It is called Jesus in Me. Opened my eyes to some truths about the Holy Spirit I hadn’t thought of before. If interested in reading it, let me know. I got an advanced copy to read and post reviews for. Its available for purchase first part of October. If you think you want to read it, I’ll send you my copy in a few weeks after I review it.



  2. I agree, it’s easy to pray with the wrong motives. I’m grateful that it is a conversation, and that we can be honest with God even when our motives are wrong, that he still listens and gently directs us to the right path!


  3. Wow! I totally relate! That fear gets me all the time! When You’ve has some trauma ur almost waiting for the other shoe to drop. A lot of times I pray like oh no don’t let this happen & that happen. And truth is…Things are just gonna happen. I try to get in my will all the time. I gotta let go & TRUST 🙌 Thank you for this post today! ❤️


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