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Deibert Park, Florence, Alabama

I am feeling a little like Elizabeth Warren
My great-great-something maternal grandmother was a full blooded Cherokee.  I’ve always believed I have Native American blood running in my veins.  I received my DNA results a week or so ago.   No Native American in my genes.  I’m surprised at how misplaced this information has made me feel.  This must be fake news!!  I’m going to try!  Maybe they will tell me the truth!  Or maybe I should save my money and snap out of the denial.

Beaver Dam, Rock Springs Nature Trail, Natchez Trace Parkway

L’Oreal Tans and Lashes
Are you a self-tanner?   L’Oreal has a product called Sublime Bronze self-tanning mist that works pretty well.  If you’ve never done it yourself, just know you’re going to not be perfect with it the first time and own the unevenness.  The next time will be better.  This stuff is better than the professional tan folks pay $35-$50 for at Palm Beach Tan (which I did back in the spring).

I did have an incident with self-spraying, though.  The directions say to use a moisturizer for dry skin before misting.  I have some Avon Signature Silk lotion and the creamy body wash, which are in very similar containers.  I slathered the body wash on, thinking to myself as I applied it “I don’t remember this lotion being so hard to rub in.”  It works pretty well as a moisturizer (not really! There is just no way to tell this story and not look ridiculous.)  But you should see the designer tan (by designer I mean abstract design) I have on my legs…which mercifully has begun to fade in the places that didn’t rub off from the beginning from the coat of soap.  Just use regular lotion is all I’m trying to say.

On another note, L’Oreal’s Telescopic mascara was for years my favorite, and still would be if the wand hadn’t broken on the last two tubes I bought.  Now I’m in the market for a new favorite, and I’ve tried many over the years.   What do you use?

Speaking of Politics
Not that we were, but we are now.  What a spectacle politics is since Donald Trump’s election!  The hate for him began before he became the stumbling block to the election of Hillary Clinton, so I wonder if somehow they recognized he was a threat to her presidency quest long before conservatives did. 

President Trump doesn’t use a filter for his words, and if he thinks it, he tweets it.  I do wish he would rein that in a little!  Using Twitter to say what he wants is his weapon of choice for his voice because, I suppose, the media has twisted his words so many times.  I’ve said this before:  President Trump does exaggerate, but he’s not lying near as much as the lying media says he does. 

He does give the opposition fodder, doesn’t he?   He spins the web, the other side gets all tangled up.  Have you ever seen a fight between a wasp and a spider?  The wasp loses.  Maybe Donald Trump is the spider of society, there to catch some stinging varmints.  And people hate spiders, don’t they?  But they serve a purpose.

Personal Shame
Shame is an emotion long ago squelched.  Consciences are so seared, and the cloud of deception hangs so low that the shamed don’t recognize they are shameful.  Good is bad, bad is good.  God’s word told us it would be this way.

I have some personal shame that even though I have no cable TV, I know what’s going on with the Bachelorette. Social media keeps me informed, which says a lot about where I have allowed myself to land when surfing the ‘net.  I need to repent and turn away from the pollution.  The young (she’s 23) bachelorette acts a little like she’s been on a two-year mission trip to a third world country and suddenly finds herself in a Krispy Kreme doughnut shop.  After all the cheers and jeers of her season have quietened down, we will find that she took that particular show to a different level, a lower level that began several seasons ago, which is one reason I no longer watch the show (but obviously keep up with it enough to make judgments, right?) 

Back to Politics
There’s enough pride, deception, and shame to go around in Washington. Hell’s tool shed has been raided and tools are everywhere, strategically placed to divide this great country, while the duped continue to watch, believe, and applaud.  It reminds me of a song from my childhood, “Oh, be careful little ears what you hear…Oh, be careful little eyes what you see.”  As it turns out the song was correct, and if you’re not careful, you just may believe what they are telling you and see only what they want you to see.  It’s the whole spiritual vs physical seeing and hearing, a much too heavy topic to cover this fine Saturday morning.

But Christians must remain vigilant and prayerful for His will on earth as it is in Heaven, not our own wills.  That’s really hard because most of us think we know best.  I know I’m guilty of that.  November 2020 will be here quicker than we realize, but we still have over a year of political bickering.  All the more reason for prayer!   

This Blog/My Book
I’ve had no passion for blogging lately.  I have some giveaways still packed away that I planned to use to gain a bigger following (a shameless self-marketing ploy), but I realized that if I’m not writing, I don’t need a following.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with this blog, but here’s my idea:

I’m writing a (yet unnamed) book about Christians in chains.  Personal freedom, getting out of the pit…I mention weight and weight loss a lot because that has been my issue my whole life, but it’s not about the weight, it’s about the freedom and how Christ paid the heaviest price for the freedom we have but don’t know how to access.  I have thought about posting excerpts here from the book. 

Again.  I don’t know. 
Have a wonderful weekend!

6 thoughts on “Hot Saturday Musings

  1. Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger about your Indian heritage. I think everyone’s parents told them they had Indian blood. My mother told me all my life that I was part Cherokee (because we all had high cheekbones – ha). I had no reason not to believe her. Turns out there is “0” Indian in my DNA either. Oh, and as for the mascara, I just use regular Maybelline Colossal (yellow tube). Have a good weekend!


    1. I’m irritated about having to find a new mascara! I’m going to check Colossal out.

      The great-great-great grandmother was full blooded Cherokee. We have pics of her, and you can tell in other members of my family they got the genes. I just thought I did, too. And I really do feel misplaced.

      Here is a link that helped explain it a little. Still don’t like it.


  2. What? No Indian? 😮😁

    I currently have two mascaras: Sephoria’s Lashcraft Length & Volume and Benefit’s BAD gal. I am preferring the latter.


    1. Exactly! “What?” Ugh!

      I’ve heard of Sephoria and I know it’s a good product…just more than I like to pay. lol I think I’ll try BAD Gal Bang, though it’s more than I like to pay, too.


  3. Hubby’s parents both claimed Native American blood in their family lines and when his brother got tested through one of those DNA things, no Native American blood was in his mix. I just laughed about it to myself because you know how I felt about it all. I’m “afraid” to get my own done because I pride myself on being 100% Polish and I might not be! Save your money and remember in the end it really doesn’t matter where we came from its where we are going.

    I haven’t self tanned in years. I haven’t tanned in years either, LOL. I generally wear long pants year round.

    I saw on my Instagram feed today that Michelle Obama was the most admired woman in America and she and Barack were the most admired couple in America. I don’t usually leave comments on sites like this, but this time I just simple wrote “not my me.” Reading the majority of the comments, I was not alone in my sentiments.

    Donald Trump might be a little unconventional in what he does but he is doing great things for America. I don’t follow politic and stuff, hubby is so much more better than I am, if he dies before me I don’t know what I’ll do to get my info, but over dinner he was explaining to me about the stuff going on with Ilhan Omar and a whole bunch of other things. All I got to say is we got to keep the Democrats out of the white house in 2020. I’m praying for that election already. I told him it is conceivable that 40 years ahead of us people who are still alive who hated Trump could actually like him then because of what he was trying to do and what he was trying to stop. It scares me but then I’m not in control and I trust God and more than likely I’ll be dead in 40 years.

    I don’t watch the Bachlorette but I get what you are coming from. The royals in London fascinate me especially since Megan joined the Firm. I tend to read most everything I see on social media about them. I need to fast from social media. Actually I need to cancel social media.

    I found a site called Medium where people write their stories. You have to pay $4.99 a month to get access to stories after you get so many (like 3 free) a month. I’ve enjoyed reading what has been on it with the people I follow. I only wrote one piece there. I am considering writing more there just to write.

    Might be an interesting thing for you to explore if you just want to write to write, not knowing if anyone may read it.

    I go back and forth with blogging but its in my blood after 14 years, LOL. I started even looking for new blogs to follow and find myself enjoying those in retirement or widowhood.

    Anyway, good to see a post from you! Do write or at least keep in touch! Life is so incredibly busy these days but going good!


    1. Don’t take the test, Betty! I wish I hadn’t! lol

      I saw that list, too. And like the 2016 presidential polls, I think it is a faulty finding. The Democrat party ain’t what it used to be…but neither is the GOP. I feel confident that Trump will be reelected, but I am concerned for 2024 already. God probably wants me just to trust Him. I will work on that.

      I remember checking out Medium before, but I have decided it’s not a new place I need, it’s some discipline to sit down and write!

      It’s funny what will gain (and keep) our attention. I don’t much care for Meghan, but I do normally click on articles about the Royals. Why is that? lol I still miss Princess Diana.

      I can’t believe how long we’ve been blogging. AOL journals…that was a real community and I still miss it.


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