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I feel mighty misplaced some days.  Not lost, mind you; God always knows where I am!  But the world’s pollution sometimes distracts me so until I am doing nothing of any significance.  Admittedly, I allow myself to get caught up in the schemes of the enemy to interrupt, and he doesn’t have to do too much work to sidetrack me.

I’ve learned to say “No” to others when needed for the most part.  It is to my own self I have a hard time saying, “Nope, you aren’t going to do that today.”   Things like overeating, complaining, judging others (usually mentally, but God still hears it), and wasting time.

I do know how to waste precious time!  Did you ever sit down at the computer or pick up your phone to do a quick glance at Social Media, and two hours and seven videos later, you’ve heard things you shouldn’t have heard, read things you shouldn’t have read, commented things you shouldn’t have typed, shared silly memes, and gotten irritated at a friend’s political post that bordered on insanity.   Then you realize how much time has gotten away…again…

Or is that just me?

After working all day and doing the other things that life and the day demands of us, it’s easy to lose our place.  It’s a lot easier to do mindless things like scroll through social media or watch television instead of finding quiet time to be alone with God to commune heart to heart, spirit to spirit.   When we don’t make the sacrifice of time, we’ll find ourselves misplaced. 

God’s plan is infinitely better than any idea I can conjure up, and His place for me has real purpose.   If I want His will fulfilled in my life…and I do…then I simply must remember that my part is important, and I need to do what I need to do to get in place.   

5 thoughts on “Misplaced

  1. I am right with you about how much time I waste on social media. I deleted several groups on Facebook I was part of yesterday and plan to do the same this weekend when I have time. It is easy to start scrolling and look up and see how much time has gone by, and I don’t even comment on a lot of posts or even hit the like button. I started Instagram back in December and I’m thinking of deleting it. Another time waster.

    Definitely we need daily to get into the word and spend time with God. For me I have to do it in the morning or it won’t get done. So I schedule my time like I would be scheduling an appt for a doctor or having to be at work by a certain time. Of course I’m flexible with it, but I do try to consistently do it Monday through Friday. The weekends are hard though with our crazy schedules.



  2. Yes, the misplaced time. If should not check e-mail or facebook when I have something in the oven. I have overcooked our dinner. You touched on the most important issue with our time–spending time with God in the word and in prayer. I’m visiting from FMF. Blessings!


  3. This is so true! “The world often distracts until I am doing nothing of significance!” Yes! God has really been helping me to refine my time so that I’m using it intentionally and that it is more often glorifying him.

    It’s so true that we’re only really out of “place” when we’ve stepped into so many other “places” that we don’t even know where we are.

    I am one of your neighbors on FMF this week (:


  4. It’s not just you, that’s for sure! Yesterday and this morning, I spent some time unfollowing some group pages–and resisting the urge to delete MY page entirely. There are just some things I don’t need to be irritated or grieved about–and if I’m not reading their FB posts, I skip the needless and fruitless emotion. It’s not like my pithy comments changes anyone’s mind, you know? Ack. As you can see, you’ve hit a right now sore spot.


  5. So true. It’s all too easy to squander the precious gift of time and not make the best use of the days that are offered us. Although what some might consider a waste, such as sitting quietly, reading, resting, looking out the window etc, are valid pursuits to help us tune into the presence of God and to relax our restless souls. Blessed to stop by from the #FMF link up. 🙂


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