Thursday’s Committed Thoughts

Huntsville Botanical Garden, Huntsville, Alabama

Focus Pocus
I was supposed to be writing my “Focus” post Tuesday night, but I got caught up watching the State of the Union Address.  For the first time in my life, I watched the whole thing.  I thought President Trump did an outstanding job.  But I’m not sure if my patience is going to last two whole years of political mayhem.  It seems like only six month ago my social media accounts were covered in Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.   

My “Focus” post still isn’t written. 

Snarky Sarcasm
Scrolling Facebook and Twitter sometimes makes me want to put on my cyber combat boots, pull out my snarcasm, and start typing some truth.   But with my bad attitude, I’d just be a clanging cymbal, you know, because it’s hard to show love to folks online who are politically insane.  Scrolling social media can be bad for my blood pressure. 

Fakery and Compelsions
I wonder why Christians post memes and stories that aren’t true.   I suppose they do it because they don’t check the facts first.  It’s just my observation, but they don’t seem to appreciate it when the truth is pointed out. :::grin::: But I have this truth compelsion.

50,000 points to anyone who can tell me where “compelsion complex” comes from without googling it.

Never mind, here’s a video:

Barney Fife, of course!

Making the devil laugh
The devil likes us to get us engaged in social media wars.   It’s a great distraction and keeps us from doing anything productive.  When you get into political arguments, old slew foot knows you are not going to change their minds; you are going to enrage them.  It’s not your responsibility to tell them what is right and wrong.   They already know your arguments and they don’t believe it.   They believe there is nothing wicked about killing a full-term baby in the womb.  You can’t fix that.  Prayer changes things, though, and the change might be in you.

3 thoughts on “Thursday’s Committed Thoughts

  1. I think Mr. Trump did a great job with the speech. I watched it all but not the Democratic rebuttal. I liked the solidarity of the women in white for women’s rights, however, noticed our illustrious new senator Kyrsten Sinema was in red. I didn’t vote for her, just to let you know, in case yo google her. God has who he wants to be president, we will continue to trust in Him. Write your Focus post earlier than later, okay?



    1. I clicked on the rebuttal, and closed it after about 33 seconds. She didn’t even watch the address. I hear some of the media folks talking about the SOTU, and I wonder, “Were you watching the same one I was?” I truly don’t get the constant vile hatred spewing from the left…they are doing exactly what they accuse President Trump of doing. I’m at a loss as to why they want to sink America.

      I thought the women in white was a good idea in theory, only it turned out to be more of a revolt, a rebellion against solidarity for America. By the time it was over, I thought it was a shameful, pitiful display, embarrassing for them, as well as our nation.

      I really want to write the Focus post prayerfully, so I plan to devote some time this weekend and post it on Monday. I believe it is an important thing, and I want it to be well thought out.

      Thanks Betty, my faithful friend.


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