We Are Not Defeated…No Matter What Happens

Topsail Beach, NC

Today starts 21 days free of the chains of social media.   Funny thing about chains, they are choices repeatedly made…my own choices. I’ve wasted a lot of precious time over the years mindlessly perusing social media sites that are hostile to my way of thinking.

I won’t miss it,
and it won’t miss me. 

One thing that no one is missing, unfortunately, is the confusion and turmoil plaguing our country. (And I’m not talking about the corona plague.)   I have a feeling politics are nowhere near finished with us, and likely will get worse before it gets better. There is still a battle raging, and God is very involved. There are believers who will continue to seek His will for our Nation, others will stand aside or stand in the way.

I’ve seen 2 Chronicles 7:14 posted a lot social medial lately.  Some people seem to think that God can only move on this nation if the unsaved turn from their wicked ways.  Perhaps they do not know just how much prayer has gone up for America, and not just from Americans…years of prayer, fasting, and seeking Him from a faithful remnant to a faithful God.  It’s not over. God has heard the prayers of His children.

Now if you’ve posted that scripture on your Facebook timeline or other social media, don’t go thinking I’m judging how you think.  But I do see how some are thinking.  They are waiting for non-believers to act like Christians, and that’s not going to happen.  Deceived people are convinced they are right.

Cades Cove

I wish I knew God’s immediate plans for ending the chaos in America, but I do not.  I know He is not sitting on the throne wringing His hands, ready to throw in the proverbial towel and lift His protective hand from us.  No matter what He allows, still I will trust Him, seek Him, serve Him, and love Him.  And still, He is faithful, merciful, loving, and long-suffering. 

While this is an age of which most of us have never seen the likes, we cannot get caught up in the spirit of fear that is trying to envelop us. Keep praying and looking up. We are not “done for” just yet.

Great Smoky Mountains

2 thoughts on “We Are Not Defeated…No Matter What Happens

  1. Good for you for being off social media for 21 days. I’m toning down my involvement on it but I don’t think I am truly ready to give it up just yet or take a break from it (though I am taking a break from blogging so if you happen to click on my blog and notice it is set for private settings I did it not to get all the scam comments on it). Like so much of Scripture people like to interpret 2 Chronicles 7:14 in so many ways. They cling to that verse or another one (Jeremiah 29:11) and they don’t know the whole context of when that verse was written, what was going on historically for the Jewish people, etc. In that verse, at least as I interpret it, God is telling his people who are called by his name to humble themselves, turn from their sins (repent) and pray then God will forgive their sin, etc. I’m too lazy/tired to look up what was going on during the time that was written (verses before it and after it) but I think it was when the temple was being rededicated by Solomon; I could be wrong. I know for sure Jeremiah 29:11 (for I know the plans I have for, plans to give you a future and prosper you; loosely paraphrased) people cling to it thinking everything that is going to happen to them is going to be good. That particular verse was written when Judah was in exile in Babylonia, at the start of it. Anyway, I digress.

    You are right; I have no clue what God is up to but I know He is not pacing around wondering what He is going to do. He has a plan and a purpose for his glory and honor and his timing is always impeccable.

    I have to tell you, this past Monday I woke up with the alarm to exercise like I do Monday through Friday. I was reaching down on the floor to get my exercise clothes and counting them as I was picking them up. One, two, three….(I had to stop for a minute to reach out to where my tee-shirt was) and then four. When I stopped at four, the thought came to my mind “war’s coming”. I have no idea where that came from other than from possibly the Lord? Wasn’t even thinking anything political or the like. Just trying to get ready to do my exercise. Anyway, war very well could be coming as well as persecution. I’m ready for whatever may be because that trusting Jesus knows best!

    Sorry this got to be a long comment. Hope you are well and your parents are doing the best they can be doing.


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