The Deception of Racism

Cone Flower (North Alabama)

Having a discussion about racism is dangerous territory.  Emotions run high from the start, and so many people feel as if they have been just as mistreated as the next person.  People are angry! Christians can’t agree, so we don’t talk about it, at least not for very long.

The deception is much more complex than just the way people are treated.  Everyone has room to grow, to change, to understand, to concede, and to forgive. These things do not come from a behavior change, but a heart change.  The tactic of the devil in this thing called racism is to keep us divided and get our eyes on each other instead of God. Our enemy knows the only way to conquer the deception of racism is by the revelation of Christ Jesus in the hearts of His people.  Lack of knowledge is destroying us. 

Christians must refocus on Jesus and not be so attuned to the evil around us. Cable news and social media definitely keeps us plugged into the pollution.  We cannot afford to keep feeding ourselves on chaos! Now more than ever, we need to seek His face. 

When You said, “Seek My face,”
My heart said to You, “Your face, Lord, I will seek.”

Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness...

Psalm 27:8; Matthew 6:33

When we come together seeking His face and not outside acceptance, we will find justice poured out from a righteous God, infinitely better than any counterfeit justice the world can give.  When we put God first in our lives, setting aside the traditions of denominations and the chains of religiosity, the blessings that follow are far beyond social justice…it is supernatural justice!  And believe me, after forgiveness, once mercy and grace is received, we want justice!

If we obey Jesus’s commandment to love one another as He loves us, lives will be transformed.  We can’t continue to let how we feel and what our natural eyes see drown out the voice of the Father, who is no respecter of persons.  If there is hate and mistrust against a brother or sister in Christ, skin color is not the issue, the heart is. Who can change hearts?  God.  We look to Him to change us!

Unfair is unfair. A hurt is a hurt. Discrimination is wrong. An injustice is an injustice. It doesn’t matter what body God placed you in, that was His choice! Our bodies are just our shell! The person is who is inside. What a terrible injustice to deny a person love based on the packaging in which we arrive on this earth! Rest assured, God does not like injustice! Isaiah 59:16: “…The LORD looked and was displeased that there was no justice.”

Until God’s people realize the origin of racism, we will never put out the spreading flames or stop the destruction.  Division is a tactic of our enemy who kills, steals, and destroys, and when we try to fix the issue by the standards and definitions of the world, we are helping him. We are not fighting flesh and blood! The end of the age is just too close for Christians to be sidelined by skin color. The world is lost and dying, and Christians must bring the light that is Jesus to them. How can we do that if we believe lies about each other? It’s not just skin color! It’s Church of Christ against Pentecostals, Baptists against Methodists. We MUST come together as ONE BODY. Denominations separate God’s people, but He has called us to be in one accord, it’s mentioned all through the Bible.


It’s time for much PRAYER.
Then we must continue with PRAYER,
and then more PRAYER.


Do you want to know what happens with much prayer?  Repentant hearts.   What comes from repentant hearts?  Relationship with our Heavenly Father.   When we have true relationship with the Father, it will infiltrate into the rest of our lives and encompass our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ.  It will then spill out of the church and into the world.  A coming together of the Children of God!   The church should have always shown the world how to love each other.  But we aren’t doing that.  We’re showing the world more of what they already have.

The only way to stand up to racism is on our knees.  Our altars need to be full of people without labels calling out for Truth until we see each other as God sees us. There is no place in the body of Christ for discrimination. I wish churches would begin having old fashioned prayer meetings again, where people who are willing to fast and pray for our nation come together with the sole purpose of entering boldly before the Throne of God!  Praying His will, seeking heart changes, learning to submit to Him, and finding unity in the family of God.  A meeting for prayer, not discussion. Sadly, too many people do not like to attend prayer meetings, but they do like to talk, and the devil really likes that in us. 

Cone Flowers (North Alabama)

6 thoughts on “The Deception of Racism

  1. Thank you for writing this! I was going to write you last night but got tired. I’ll write more this weekend but briefly I have a niece who has different thoughts about movements than I do and called me out on things. Apparently she does that with a lot of other people, but I found myself questioning so much about myself. I said I would look at the links she sent me and pray about it. And lo and behold what do I see on your blog today? Confirmation that what I think is probably what God thinks (not that I’m thinking as God does or could even say I know what God is thinking; you know what I mean). This makes no sense but thank you for posting this today. More this weekend!


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