The Shifting…

When this is all over, when people calm down, businesses reopen, schools are accessible, and the doors of churches are opened again…we will live in a different world.  Everyday life as we know it is shifting, and the weight of prayer will decide which way things shift.  Seek Him first.  Pray without ceasing. Find out what God’s word says…if you are not studying your Bible, get it out and begin reading.   Psalms, Colossians, Ephesians, Philippians, Galatians, all are a great place to begin, or begin with Genesis…just read!  I pray that God opens our understanding so that we comprehend the scriptures!  (Luke 24:45)  May He open our eyes that we may see wondrous things from His law (Ps 119:18)

Today begins Passover.   There is no doubt that Christians need to be praying passionately during this season for our nation that God will lift this plague that has beset us…that He will pass us over.  There is a lot more going on with this virus on a spiritual level, and few of us have taken the time to truly seek God and His thoughts and His plan for where we go from here.

PRAYER for today:
O God, You have cast us off; You have broken us down; You have been displeased; Oh, restore us again! You have made the earth tremble; You have broken it; Heal its breaches, for it is shaking. You have shown Your people hard things; You have made us drink the wine of confusion.

Psalm 60:1-3

I am not saying that God caused this.  But there’s no denying He has allowed it, and He has a reason for all He does.  It could be that His foremost purpose is that we would begin to seek Him.  Could God be gently warning us with how quickly American people and the economy have been shut down? It is not just about a virus or just about America; God’s people are all over the world, and we know the scripture well: “If my people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves and pray, and seek my face…”  (2 Chronicles 7:14) Don’t you imagine that outside of America, God’s persecuted children have been crying out for His return for decades? 

Who can disagree that our politicians and our media made this virus political, and I don’t believe they meant any of it for good. It is imperative that we pray for our leaders.  Even if you don’t like President Trump, put your feelings aside and do what the Bible tells the Children of God to do:  Pray for those in authority (1 Timothy 2:2).  If you don’t know where to begin with, start with his salvation, that he will be a born again, on fire, Bible-believing thorn in the devil’s side.  Pray that God continue to surround him with God-fearing men and women, people who know how to listen for the voice of God in decisions and in advising the President.  Pray for his protection, strength, and wisdom, godly wisdom.  Pray for God to have His way in the life of our president, in the lives his cabinet, and in the lives of all our elected officials.

People are afraid this God’s final judgement, that He is pouring out His wrath on America because we have turned our back on Him.  It is true that God is angry with the wicked every day (Psalm 7:11), but if you are feeling hopeless, anxious, or angry in this time, take comfort in knowing that people have been earnestly praying for America for years.  Remember Abraham’s request of the Lord: “Suppose ten (righteous) are found there?   And He answered, “On the account of the ten, I will not destroy it.”  

God loves justice.  I don’t believe He enjoys pouring out judgment on His people, but if you read the Old Testament, you know that He did, and there were times it was quite harsh.  In His mercy, He is giving us a reminder to turn to Him.  What will you do with your choice?   He loves us all.   Let’s love Him back.

We Shall Behold Him (written by Dottie Rambo, sung by Sandy Patty)

2 thoughts on “The Shifting…

  1. Gospel of John is also a good place to start reading the Bible. My prayer is that people will use this time to get to know Jesus. That they will pick up that Bible that has been sitting on the shelf for years and open it and read etc or look at churches close to where they live and watch their messages online etc. It will be a different world for sure after this. I just keep praying and trusting.



  2. I love the New Testament books…all of them. “Praying and trusting” is exactly what we need to be doing instead of giving in to panic and fear, and greed (hoarding toilet paper, for pete’s sake!).


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