Things I’ve Noticed Since Starting This Challenge…

I started blogging over 12 years ago on AOL Journals. I’ve had at least one open blog since that time, but I haven’t given blogging much attention this year. Since starting this challenge, I have been visiting other bloggers who are participating, and I’ve noticed a few things.

When I click a link to read a post, I sometimes can’t find the entry I wanted to read because there are so many sections, menus, and links on the page. When I noticed this, I made changes on my own blog so that it is easier to find my current post.

Many people moderate comments. I wonder if they get harassing comments? Or too much spam? I don’t like spammers!

There are zillions of blogs (not all active)….millions of writers (also not all active) and I guess that’s the “why” for my last point…

There’s doesn’t seem to be a lot of interaction. I am still social media “friends” with bloggers I met from AOL Journals. It was a real community of people from all over the world. Hopefully, that is still happening and I just haven’t landed there yet.

Great Smoky Mountain Turkeys

3 thoughts on “Things I’ve Noticed Since Starting This Challenge…

  1. Who is running this present challenge you are involved in? I guess I could click links and find that myself LOL. Those AOL journals were the best; it was a shame they stopped doing it. I think you’ve been blogging well over 12 years cause we moved from Montana in 2006 and I was already friends with you when we were there. I remember your exploits with Mr. Big. I know I started in 2005. There are only a handful of people left from the AOL days with blogs I followed. It is such a great community I do think!



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