Bloody Hands

My granddaughter and me…years ago

I am at a loss about what to say, and I can’t find gentle words to describe my feelings on 44 Democrat senators (over 15 women) who voted “No” on a bill that would make it illegal to deny medical aid to a baby who is born alive after an unsuccessful abortion attempt. Democrats effectively blocked the bill from passing.  The current practice is to murder the child outside (or mostly outside) the womb, or leave the baby alone to die a slow miserable death, like a flu germ on a cold and dirty public restroom vanity. 

Three Democrats voted “Yes,” Joe Manchin (D-WV), Bob Casey Jr. (D-PA), and our own Doug Jones of Alabama.

Didn’t America already have enough blood on her hands from the atrocity that is abortion?  At the time of birth, the left can no longer say a baby is just a glob of cells!  

We could demand why, but evil doesn’t have an answer for the choices it makes.   Does it stem from hatred, perhaps towards Donald Trump?  Fear of the far left?  It makes no sense to me, no matter how I look at it.  I do know this:  When one puts themselves in the role of God deciding who lives and who dies, He will demand an answer.

We cannot be silent about this.   There needs to be an uproar to the Heavens, loud and continuous, until Roe Vs Wade is overturned. 

I had to say it for the first time: 

Roe V. Wade was the seed that led to these latest decisions including New York’s new murderous abortion agenda.

But all of the above is not the point to this post.  While things really look bad (because they are really bad), now is not the time to throw our hands up and think there’s nothing we can do.  We are Christians, more than conquerors!  We have a direct line to the One who can change things, including the people in Congress…as in replace them with people who respect life.

2020 is fast approaching, prayer warriors and prayer generals have a lot of praying to do.

God already knows, oh, believe me, He knows, he put those people in office, so there’s no need to complain and name names to Him.   He doesn’t like complaints.   He likes the effectual, fervent prayers of His righteous people, and He responds to that. 

If your country is important to you, get your Bible out and begin to study.  Adopt a prayerful daily life.   Cut out trashy TV…the more you are in the word, the more you are aware of the garbage going in, and you will naturally gravitate away from shows and music that glorifies sin instead of God. 

Repent.  Ask Him for a heart to know Him.  Ask Him to change your own heart.  Keep studying and keep asking until you begin to see changes in yourself.  And humble yourself by fasting every now and then.

Then pray that the heavy veil of deception be removed from Washington, DC.   Ask Him for mercy, for a spirit of truth to infiltrate this land. 

Keep praying.  Keep reading the Word.  Arguing with those who are pro-choice, posting insults or speaking against the blind ones who are tools in the devil’s work won’t change things.  Don’t expect everyone (including friends and family) to agree with your prayers, and do not be discouraged when they don’t.  Pray.  Prayer is what makes the changes.   Christian, step up and be His light in this dark world. 

Lord Jesus, please start with me.

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  1. Its just like the Bible says. Paraphrasing, they’ll consider evil good and good evil. Seems like we are in those days. Just like you said, lots of prayers and reading of the word and speaking out when we can. Just sad times.



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