Where is My Head?

Where is my head?  On my shoulders, of course!  It’s my mind that I sometimes lose.  There are days when it takes a walk without me. 

Other than writing my story, I haven’t written about losing weight or getting healthy, which is one of the main reasons I started “In Quest of Truth.” In this chaotic world where there is so much going on, I find myself thinking America needs my two cents worth, and I write about current events.  (America doesn’t need my two cents worth…we need prayer!)

In this blog, where I intend to be open…which is hard for me at times…I want to share how much God is involved in our lives personally if we let Him.  Food has been a life long struggle for me! Freedom has taken care of the sugar struggle, but I find I have a lot of bad habits to combat. God is faithful and has not left me to my own devices.  

I really must get to a point where I bring all of my scattered thoughts together and share what Jesus is doing for me on this Freedom Road.   Don’t let anyone ever tell you it’s about the calories and exercise.  It’s about far, far more. 

My five minutes were up a minute ago, so let me end with what my friend said to me earlier today: 

“Jesus, take the spoon!” 

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4 thoughts on “Where is My Head?

  1. Actually, America DOES need your two cents’ worth. Badly.

    Pardon the bad poetry and the language, but I’m really, really pissed.

    America needs the voice
    of Christians far and near;
    the new demands of ‘pro-choice’
    deserve the sword and spear.
    A newborn babe deemed defective
    can now be left to die,
    and life itself is elective,
    but we need not wonder why.
    If birthing-rooms are killing places,
    by God, that’s enough
    to wipe smug smiles from smug faces
    by methods more than rough.
    Abortionists, now behold the red and bloody morn
    of the day you realize you should never have been born.

    I had a kid who died in utero. I look for his face in every crowd.

    #2 at FMF this week.



    1. Andrew! You can bring tears to my eyes. You always have the perfect words for all the posts you visit, all over the web.
      Thank you for visiting my little space and your encouragement.


  2. Hi Margaret. My hat is off to you. Losing 27#? Wow! I never had a weight problem until about age 50. With each decade it has gotten worse, partly from medications and partly from being less active than when I was chasing my kids around/working as a nurse. I get in good eating habits, lose 10-15# then my husband gets sick or something happens that throws off the routine and I’m back in trouble again. I’m getting back on the horse again.


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