Are you weary yet?

Eggs in a cannon, fitting for this post
(Shiloh National Military Park)

There has been so much talk about abortion since NY’s Andrew Cuomo signed his infamous late-term abortion bill into law amid cheering with other states attempting to follow suit. People are frustrated..weary even, with abortion and politics, and they are angry. I understand the anger over the newest version of abortion laws in America, but our anger won’t stop the sacrifice of tiny babies.  God’s righteous anger will, but we aren’t God. (And He is angry with the wicked every day! Psalm 7:11-12)  Posting memes and making live Facebook videos condemning America to hell for the death of the New York babies won’t stop abortion.  I’m not saying don’t post, that’s up to you, but no war will ever be won on Social Media. 

And we are in a war! Children are being sacrificed out of selfishness…parents who first didn’t want the responsibility of precautions, nor did they want the responsibility of a child. But we must understand deeper than what we see, and remember that we are not fighting flesh and blood.   Our battle stance is heads up and knees bowed, the combat zone is prayer closets and altars, speaking the all-powerful name of Jesus Christ into the spreading of evil. 

Dr. Levatino’s powerful testimony before Congress

The Mothers and Fathers
Our youth have grown up hearing that abortion is women’s healthcare, a constitutional right, and that a baby in the womb is a “glob of cells.”   They have seen celebrities proudly bragging about their own abortion, some even video taping it.   If these young people don’t have a firm foundation in Christ, we cannot expect them to know the truth.  That is why it is imperative that we ask the Holy Spirit to step in and overshadow the lies they now believe with His timeless truth:  Life is growing in the womb, a tiny person, a soul that God already planned for and wrote about in His book (Psalm 139:16).  Lord, make the life growing inside these young parents real to them, open their hearts to understand and love their children, their own flesh and blood.

The Nurses
Lord, let their ears be opened to the cries of the unborn, let them hear the babies as you hear them.  Give them the strength and wisdom to refuse to assist in any abortion, all across this nation, not just those who recently signed into law and cheered into existence by the blind and reprobate. 

The Doctors
God loves them, though it may gall us to think about it.  I am infinitely grateful for that merciful love.  It could be that not a lot of late-term abortions will be performed, but one is too many.  Perhaps not all doctors will be willing to perform abortions knowing the baby could live outside the womb, even those who don’t have issues with abortion in the first 12 or 16 weeks.  Some will be willing because they have become desensitized to the value of human life.  We should pray for them all!  Lord, open the eyes of all doctors to the gravity and truth of abortion, and give them the wisdom, strength, and fortitude to begin refusing to kill children.

The General Public
May there be a great outcry across this land for the life of the children!  May the voices of prayer become louder and louder until they drown out the voices of those who demand the “right” to rip babies from the wombs.  Lord, open the hearts of Your children across this nation to understand Your will for us.   Give us the words to say, the actions to perform, the candidates to elect to put a stop to the blind slaughter of babies. 

The Lawmakers
God loves them, too.  Jesus shed His own blood for them just like He did me.   It is not my business to like these people, but it is my duty to pray for them, it is the only way I know how to show a Godly love for them.  America is my business, however, and America’s little babies are my business.  Lord, I pray that the lawmakers who refuse to change these laws be removed from office, and replaced with people who will seek Your will in the laws that they enact.

I found this on Facebook, and it sums up abortion pretty well.

May we teach our youth abstinence,
respect for their bodies,
and personal responsibility. 
May people begin to understand the value
of human life, and realize that abortion
is not a birth control method, but a sin. 
And Lord, may professing
Christians stop condoning sin.

One last thought:
Wars can be started on social media, and lives can be ruined.  Take care in the words you choose to say and to type.  Don’t repost false memes and fake stories. An account will be demanded of us on Judgment Day for all we say, even what we say on Facebook or Twitter. (Matthew 12:36). 

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  1. You know, I’m signed up for email notification for this blog, but I sure didn’t get an email notice about it. Well said what you wrote. I’ve been praying that the doctors won’t want to do the late term abortions, but you are right some can be some desensitized. It is interesting how the medical world (and the media) refer to the bay in vitro. They say fetus or if there is a miscarriage it will be products of conception. Interestingly, I’ve said this before for a long time, when a media person is pregnant she doesn’t refer to her baby as a fetus, but a baby. Just one of my many insights which I don’t know how relevant they are. But you are right, lots of prayers, prayers, prayers, etc.



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