Convenient Truth? Probably not so much.

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Truth is not always convenient.

I mean, don’t you cringe just a little when someone says, “Tell me the truth…” right before they ask a question you don’t want to even think about?  You know, “Does this dress make me look fat?”  Or, “What did you think of my latest blog post?”  (Now, that one hits close to my home!)

How about, “Isn’t my Freddie just the cutest baby you’ve ever seen?!” when he’s one of the funniest-looking babies you’ve ever laid eyes on?  You’d lose a friendship if you say that!  

It’s particularly bad when they really press you for an answer.  Thankfully, the mother is most likely going to be so wrapped up in Funny Freddie that she won’t notice you are still searching for an answer.

But when the friend who has gained 15 pounds but still squeezing in the same dress asks if she looks fat in it, and really wants an answer…how do you conveniently answer without answering?  If you don’t want to lie, that is?

I’d like to say I definitely wouldn’t lie.  I hope that I wouldn’t cave under pressure and say, “You look great!”  But who knows what we do when we look into the eyes of an insecure friend trying to look her best?

I’m kinda glad my five minutes are up because I don’t have a convenient answer.  What would you do? 

12 thoughts on “Convenient Truth? Probably not so much.

  1. It is hard when we know that the truth will hurt. It’s definitely not easy to know how to respond in these kinds of situations. My word for the year is “Truth” though so you’ve given me something to think about. Visiting from FMF.

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    1. That’s a great word for the year. I do the words of the year, as well. This year it is “stewardship.” I usually skirt the issue when I don’t want to hurt feeling and refuse to lie.

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  2. That eternal, lethal question…

    “Tell me, dear, do I look fat?”
    I wish I were in Peru,
    for she knows the answer that
    I won’t say for true.
    Yes she’s gained a little weight,
    but then, most folks will,
    and in my eyes, she looks great
    and I love to watch her, still.
    But what she really wants to know
    is what the world outside will see
    “Will they judge, with verbal blow
    that will shatter the heart of me?”
    To save her what might cause dolor,
    I just say the dress is not her colour.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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