I Drive Under the Influence

Fog Rolling in…Cades Cove, Great Smoky Mountains National Park

I drive under the influence. 
I walk around that way, too.
I have no plans to stop.

Of course, I am talking about His influence…the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, my Jesus.  My car is often my prayer closet.  It’s were I do some very intense praying.  I also do a lot of Bible study in my car, but during those times, I promise I am not driving!   I sing to Him, too.

A couple of years ago, I asked God for a nice singing voice.  Not a great one, just a decent one so that I could carry a tune instead of merely caterwauling.   I am certain I heard Him whisper in my spirit, “I didn’t call you to sing.” 

I sing to Him anyway.  One night, maybe a year ago, I dreamed that I was driving around in my car singing…and man, I could sing!  I was belting out melodious tunes, all in key and pleasant!   That morning on my way to work, I decided to try out my new singing voice!   What came out of my mouth was the same old sound…which for the most part isn’t singing.   I believe God was telling me that when He hears me sing, it is beautiful to Him.   So, I sing to Him.

When you are under His influence, communication happens.   If you pay attention, you’ll find God is very pleased with you when you live under His influence.   Talk to Him throughout the day.   I used to only talk to Him in public in my head.   Now…every now and then…I will go ahead and say things to him out loud while I’m shopping.  These days most people don’t care.  If they happened to notice, they’d just think I was on my Bluetooth.    

Get under His influence and stay there. 
It is the most wonderful place to be!

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4 thoughts on “I Drive Under the Influence

  1. Lovely post, Margaret! I desperately want Jesus to be my everything, every single day. And I’m with you on the singing; I can’t find a key and I have a very low voice, so I try to keep pretty quiet at church so I don’t throw everyone off. 🙂


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