Quit Tooling Around, Part 2

People are weary.  Distracted.  Over-exposed, overwhelmed, and over politics.   So I thought I’d write one more post. 

But first, let me go ahead and get my snark out of the way.   Here are some “Margafesto” definitions you may find useful for this post:

Tool:  to͞ol 
noun:    a person, especially one used by the enemy, blindly carrying out the carefully laid plans of the evil one. 

Toolery:  to͞olərē 
noun:   the behavior of a tool.

Tooligan:  to͞oləɡən
noun:   the more obnoxious tool. 

Funny thing happened on the way to vote…
America divided along more than just party lines.
How much attention can we give tools in politics? 

Tooligans People who are so dissatisfied with America that they allow themselves to be used as tools of divisiveness should take a mission trip to Haiti, Equatorial Guinea, or Zimbabwe.   Or simply do some in-depth research on how people are treated in North Korea, Saudi Arabia, or Sudan.  Or China.  Knowing what goes on in oppressed countries will make the hardest heart realize that America, even with her issues, is a great place to live. 

Freedom of speech, though:  I get it, and I get tired!  My first inclination is to respond to supporters of people who work so hard at keeping America divided with pointed comments and a bit of sarcasm.   I refrained from tossing too many comments into the vast abyss we call the internet, but I have, at times, given in and slapped out a few rebuttals on Facebook.

The thing is, adding my two cents worth doesn’t do any good…in fact, it only adds to the fray.  Just like they won’t convince me that they are doing a good thing somehow making a positive statement, I will not convince them that they are being disrespectful, divisive, and…well, a tool. 

When friction is coming from both sides, we only get chaos and disorder.  Someone must be willing to rise above the toolery.   I say it should be Christians.

The reminder here is that we aren’t fighting flesh and blood. 
(Ephesians 6:12)
And we should remember that God loves all of those people I called “tooligans,”
and He may not be happy with me for calling them names.

While we are focused on the political world’s nuttiness, the enemy is blatantly walking in, gearing up, and taking their places for battle.  But we are ungirded. 

We. Are. Not. Ready. For. Battle.
We are sidetracked by the actions of others.

We know who God is, but we are ignoring Him and giving our attention to carefully laid distractions.  God aches to bless us because He loves us…but when we remain focused on devil’s deeds and his tools, even getting involved with the bickering, we miss out on the great plans our Father has for us. 

Here’s how we gird ourselves: 

  • Learning what His word says…heart knowledge not just head knowledge. The Bible must regain its place of authority in the lives of believers.
  • God’s children praying, all of us, together, and each of us individually…without ceasing.  There’s a lot of disagreement between brothers and sisters in Christ, and we are often known for the bickering than for our love for one another, or for anyone else!  Let’s stop worrying about who is wearing what, who is playing or not playing music, who is too loud, who prays too softly, or :::gasp::: who is speaking in tongues.   Christians must unite and learn to love one another despite our differences, and maybe even because of them.  Jesus tells us that people will know we are His disciples by our love for one another.  (John 13:34-35) Outside of our own church, are we there yet?  A house (country) divided can’t stand.  (Matthew 12:25)

Speaking in tongues?
Yeah, I went there.

Christians in heavily persecuted countries aren’t debating theology.  They are praying!  We cannot afford to remain separated by walls of denominations.  It’s time to come together corporately and pay the sacrifice of prayer to the ONLY ONE who can turn this country around!  

Stop worrying about that the world is doing.   Look up!   Seek His face!  He can handle a few loud, mixed up, confused, deceived politicians and their followers.  Pay attention to the real issue:   satan is moving in and setting up house in our own front yard.   We have the authority to stop him…in the name that is above all other names, the name to which every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, in the name of the One who saves, who delivers, who heals, and He who is coming back again, in the name of Jesus Christ…that’s how we do battle. 

Are you ready to take our country back?
Let’s act like the NFL and do some kneeling of our own!

Pray that eyes will be opened…
so they see, (and that we see).

That ears will be opened…
so they hear, (and that we hear).

That hearts will be opened…
so they understand (and that we understand).

opened bible on wooden surfaca
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

PS:  It’s not just politics.   There are many well-placed, divisive stumbling blocks being rolled into our paths every day.  Be ever mindful of the hour in which we live…watch carefully so that you don’t trip.

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