Asking the Hard Question

There’s something I don’t understand:  Unanswered prayer.

We can ask God, “Why?”   Of course, we must be respectful and truly asking “why” instead of being accusing in the tone of “Why did you do that?!”  or “Why won’t you do this?!”

It doesn’t mean He’ll give you an answer.  

But what do you do when the things you see don’t add up to what the Word says?

Little children with cancer.  Some die.  Some suffer terribly with the pain from the cancer and the horrible side effects of chemo…while their loved ones pray every kind of prayer:  a request, a demand that cancer release the child, begging Him earnestly for healing, and for no more ill side effects, trying desperately to hold on to faith each day that the little one suffers all over again.

Knowing that He is the Great Physician and that nothing is too difficult for Him, how does a mother look at her suffering child knowing she would do anything to help, knowing she has prayed so desperately for mercy…tried so desperately to believe…and not be a little angry?

I know the standby answers:

  • It just isn’t His will.  (It cannot be the will of a loving and merciful Father for His people or little children to suffer.  Cancer cannot be His will.)
  • In Heaven, everyone is healed.  (Agreed.   But what about all the people Jesus healed on earth?   He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and is no respecter of persons.)
  • He doesn’t do miracles today.   (Not Biblical.  So no.)

I keep going around in circles and coming back to this:   It can’t be Him, so it must be us.   But I don’t know what else we can do.

But I ask You one more time, God…as earnestly and humbly as I know how, please heal Ellen.  Today when they pump more poison in her little, please protect every cell in her body except the leukemia cells, and ease the nausea.  Don’t let the chemo touch her organs, or blood counts, her mind, make her tired, or even touch her hair follicles.   It is in the name of Jesus I ask and agree with all of Your children who are praying for her for her healing.   Amen.

Ellen is my little seven-year-old cousin, Ellen, who has acute B-cell lymphoblastic leukemia.  Today we will begin our prayers again…for healing, for peace, comfort, and for grace to see us through one more day.  Overall, Ellen is doing well, and her prognosis is good.   There are so many children so much worse off than her…those children’s hospitals are heartbreaking.   I don’t understand, but I will not turn my back on God for the things I cannot understand. 

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