Praise Him.

What does that even mean?   He doesn’t want empty words of affection.  He certainly doesn’t need them!

What He expects from His children is for us to honor Him, to be respectful and reverent, recognizing that He is the creator of the universe, and our creator.  To be aware of Him always.  

We praise Him with the way we live our daily lives, even when no one is looking.  Praise Him in the way we interact with others.   Do we help when we can, even if it is only simple things like opening a door for someone?

We are His praise when others see Him in the way we live.   In today’s dark world, the light of Jesus is desperately needed.   People will close their ears to our preaching words, but they will notice our preaching actions.

Praise Him!




2 thoughts on “Praise

  1. Indeed his light is needed in this dark world. Thanks for writing so well about this topic. We need to be Hope Ambassadors and praise opens up that opportunity. Your neighbor on FMF.


  2. “We praise Him with the way we live our daily lives, even when no one is looking.” This is so true. Because people are watching, whether we know it or not. And they can tell when God is on the throne of our hearts. Thank you for your God-honoring post. Visiting from #62.


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