I Hope I’m Not On My Way To Hell


Confessions of a glutton:   It’s Sunday, the Lord’s day.  I made a quick run to Jack’s for breakfast.   When I parked in my drive, I finally decided to check to see if the order was correct (over the past two weeks, three times I’ve ordered fast food (my staple meals apparently) the order has been wrong.   Not just a little wrong…very wrong.)   And, of course, my order was wrong.

I could deal with the wrong order, but as I was getting out, the bag tipped over and hash browns flew out across the drive.   I cussed.   I don’t normally cuss, I promise I don’t!  But in my driveway on the Lord’s day, I cussed.    In anger, and I said that ugly word four or five times.  Out loud.   The second or third time I said, my conscience was bothered, but I said it again anyway. 

As my man was saying grace over breakfast, I put my head in my hands and asked for forgiveness.   I know God forgives me, but I still feel ashamed.  

Now I will go get dressed for church.  I sure hope I’m not a hypocrite for going to church after my behavior.  Or my gluttony.

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One thought on “I Hope I’m Not On My Way To Hell

  1. No point skipping church on days like those because the Lord already sees your heart before you step in the door of the sanctuary. 🙂 But if Jesus is the Great Physician, then His house is a hospital for the sick and wounded, which means it’s the BEST place to be on days like those. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve been around long enough to know that even church people will fail you and misunderstand you at times. But Jesus never fails, and He understands you better than you understand yourself. Lean on Him with all your might. He can take it. Love you, Sister.


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