To Whom Do I Belong?


I gave up the right to belong to myself when I accepted Christ.   That thought is offensive to some who want to do things all on their own, but I am so thankful that I do not have to rely on myself for everything.

I don’t know how people make through the rough times without leaning on Him!

But I am so distracted!   Are you like me, and have conversations with Jesus while you’re driving or shopping, or perhaps running errands?   Today in Sam’s Club, I was having a very meaningful conversation with Him (in my head) though I am not adverse to saying things to Him out loud in public, I just don’t have whole conversations because people would only hear one side.   I usually hear only one side, too.   Of course, people would just think I had my Bluetooth hidden somewhere underneath my hair.

But anyway, I was telling Him how I really wanted to serve only Him, and how important He was to me….and my phone dinged.  Snapchat from my sister.   I picked up my phone just about to open the Snapchat and realized I’d just went from “Oh, Lord I want You to be number one in my life” to tossing Him aside immediately when my phone dinged.  I put my phone back down without opening the message.  

Not that He minds us using Snapchat.   But I am certain He wants more of our attention than the phone/internet/tv/computer gets!  Too many times I’ve sat in front of my computer wasting time and only give him the last few winding down minutes of my day when I get into bed.  Shameful!   

We should never forget to whom we belong.   Tonight, when you get into bed, remember to thank Him for at least three things for which you are appreciative about your day.  

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