Monday Musings…

Random Headnoise…

  • When you do the wrong thing because it is easier you are choosing a convenience that isn’t always convenient.
  • The path of least resistance leads to a vast sea.  Resistance builds muscle.  If you’ve done nothing to build muscle, how will you swim the ocean?
  • Hijacked words don’t mean what they used to…but the rainbow is still God’s promise.
  • Sometimes your reasonable friends are silent and your unreasonable ones are loud. 
  • Lawlessness is a scary thing, and too many people are not recognizing it for what it is.  Wake up!  United we stand, divided we fall.
  • It is easy to forget how fragile life really is, and how so many things beyond our control can dictate our level of comfort…a drought, a tornado, an earthquake, a terrorist attack…can changes lives forever in just a moment.
  • Sometimes I’m reacting more to the fact that you’re telling me that rather than what you’re actually telling me.
  • There are days I hurry home so that I can do nothing…something I can do quite well.
  • Nobody wants to hear what you have to say because too many people are talking…and some of them are so loud!
  • What better day to start than today?   It’s the only day in which you can actually live and make choices.   Make some wise ones for yourself.
  • When I look at others and judge them a little because they are different from me, I am forgetting that I am different from them…and different from most people.  I remind myself to stop.  Just stop.  I don’t have to answer for them.  I have enough things to answer for my own self.
  • Would you have ever imagined 20 years ago that everyone’s best buddy would be a hand-held device?
  • Arguing with strangers about religion or politics…or anything…in social media, forums, chat rooms, etc. accomplishes nothing.   Arguing rarely, if ever, accomplishing anything positive.
  • Truth makes you mad when it hits you where you live.

Two Cents Worth

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